Quality Of Design

Satyam Ceramics environment with a contemporary Design and elegant look

In the most difficult years of the global ceramics industry, we put all of our efforts in the field in order to achieve more and more ambitious results. Satyam of today with much passion, courage and a desire for innovation & quality.


Satyam Ceramics is the promoting company for four of its own factories manufacturing different sizes of Ceramic Wall Tiles in the city of Morbi. Satyam Ceramics is Government of India recognized Three Star Export House and one of the top Ten Manufacturers and Exporters of Tiles in India.

  • Slip resistance slippery is the surface.
  • Abrasion resistance tile show wear patterns over time or is it susceptible.
  • Modulus of Flexural strength ,the tile not crack or fail if exposed to heavy static or dynamic load.
  • Bond strength the tile does not lose adhesion to the substrate after exposure to vibrations from foot traffic or other environmental factors.
  • Edge tolerance the tile be installed with tight grout joints and not have lippage.


All packaging used for Satyam materials is made from recycled paper and all wrappings can be completely recycled by the end user.

A few years ago, the company installed a new type of packaging machine which cuts the cardboard packaging to the dimensions needed for the tile size being packed, completely eliminating waste due to leftover inventory and saving significant amounts of cardboard.


All raw material suppliers are monitored via a software program which records quarry location, distance from the plant, recycled content declaration and technical safety data sheets.

Satyam products are therefore manufactured with carefully selected, controlled “ingredients”, blended and transformed into a highly sustainable material.


The Satyam ceramic product consists of almost 90% choice quality natural raw materials: clays, kaolins, feldspars and sand. It is followed by finished product packagings, and other typical inputs of the porcelain stoneware production process.